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  • What is the difference between exclusive cover and specialized art?
    Exclusive covers are made in advance, but are only sold once. Specialized arts are arts made to order, following the client's brief. If you have a specific idea or concept in mind, I can create specialized artwork for you. Get in touch and request a quote.
  • Can I get an exclusive cover variation to release a remix, for example?"
    Yes, contact me to request a quote.
  • Can I change a unique cover?
    I prefer changes to my work to be as minimal as possible, after all my name will still be on the final product. Therefore, I ask that changes be made respectfully and without distorting the work. For more details, read the Terms of Use.
  • Can I create new art from exclusive art I purchased?
    Yes, if it is for your personal use. However, it will be a derivative work and my name cannot be credited as the author.
  • I liked an exclusive cover, but I would like some changes to it before purchasing. It's possible?"
    In some cases it is possible. It depends on the technique used and how the final file is structured. Contact us to request a quote.
  • Can I use or change the font of a unique cover?
    Yes. The fonts used as standard on exclusive covers are licensed for commercial use. If you are going to change, I recommend that you look for sources that allow use for commercial purposes. Changing the default fonts is the customer's responsibility. See more in Terms of Use.
  • How does free exclusive cover customization work?
    In the same email that you will receive the link to make the purchase, you will also receive a request to send the data that must be inserted on the cover. You can upload your logo or we can use the default font that is included. You can also upload your preferred font. Choose one licensed for commercial use. After payment and submission of the information, it will be applied to the artwork and sent for your approval. The free package only covers one review. Once approved, the final artwork will be sent. Learn more in Terms of Use.
  • Can I request a refund?
    As the products we offer are digital, we typically only issue refunds if there is a technical issue with the transaction (you completed the payment process, but the transaction failed). Only buy if you are sure it is the product you are looking for. Unfortunately we are unable to process refunds for successfully completed orders because once you purchase a unique slipcover on our website, it will be out of stock as soon as your transaction is complete. And we cannot resell a cover that is out of stock as it may give our users the false impression that we are deceiving them by selling an exclusive design more than once. You can contact us if you need more details about a particular product, such as the type of files you will receive, the size of the cover art you will receive, and more.
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