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For the first time you will have access to acontent never before revealed for me.

Conquer the key to manifesting your artistic power!

A totally innovative MASTERCLASS, which will open new horizons to expand your creative potential.


Get ready to create a unique positioning for your personal brand and soar. Raise the value of your works and reveal their authenticity. 

​     If you are looking for:

  • Develop a unique positioning in the market

  • Increase the perceived value of your art

  • Integrate A.I. into your 3D creative process

  • Reveal your personal brand authentically

  • Manifest your artistic power at a high level

Join a select group and master contemporary artistic expression.

This MASTERCLASS will reveal content that you won't find in any tutorial on the internet.


It is an opportunity only for those who seek absolute excellence.


Unlock your spot now and get ready for a deep immersion that will forever change the way you create and perceive art.


Fernando Fetex is a visionary artist, he develops his artistic work integrating self-knowledge, ancestral rites, power plants and technology, through his spiritual journey as a Medicine Man.


With over 15 years of experience and over 500 business impacts around the world, Fetex is one of the leading visual artists on the international electronic music scene. He is the designer and art director of the Blockchain Festival - The biggest WEB3 and Business event in Latin America. Develops exclusive Branding projects, bringing a new perspective to brand positioning in the high technology era.

12x R$ 35.16
orR$297in cash
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